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Finally, the Sun!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally, some nice weather. Perhaps, my mood will lift.

I need to till the garden this weekend. I sigh everytime I look at my neighbor's prepared garden plot. She works from home and it is not fair.

Someone told me today that I was late with my garden as his seeds were already down. I quipped, "I don't do seeds. There are too many small business owners and local greenhouses out there that I can support for me to waste my time with seeds."

Really, I haven't forgotten that there is an economic crisis. And neither should you.

I will admit that my favorite flowers are in the daisy family and they tend to be expensive. I planted shasta daisy seeds last year and I hope that they flower this year. I have echinacea, mums, and black eyed susans. I plant sunflowers each year. I plant them for the birds. In a few weeks I will unearth my cannas from their winter storage. I hope to find all my stored gladiolas and have then in the ground by May.
So exciting.
Today my tulips bloomed. I think they look great.

Did you know that if your knitting is still tight after rubbing wax paper over your bamboo needles and your hands ache then that means you need to relax your tension? Neither did I until I met with my knitting group last night.I asked one of them to FROG it because I could not bear to do soShe struggled with removing the project from my needles. The other gals kinda gaped at her, n looked at me and then they asked me questions...
"Do you normally knit that tightly?" "Do you crochet tightly?"

I was happy to respond to the questions since it distracted me from watching her unravel my beautiful preemie sleeper for noone.
Mark my words. I will not attempt a baby gift for a friend ever again. My efforts always meet with disaster.

Later, I asked another gal to explain to me how to fix my geisha wrap in tunisian stitch.
She arranged it on my perfectly. It was not too big. I had it turned around too much. I think it is lovely. According to my Ravelry page I have been working on it since last June. In reality, I hid it in a bag for six months because it looked "Ugh" to me. It wasn't until the same gal commented on my project page saying that it looked good did, I attempt to complete it. Voila!
I love it.
Only 4 more hibernating projects from 2008 to complete.

So hanging out with my knitting buddies lifted my spirit. Thanks gals.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

and it does look good! yay!

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