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He is driving me insane

Friday, October 9, 2009

I would like to take a moment to write about my home life.

I have several housemates. One is very demanding.

Each morning I walk to the bathroom between 5:50 and 6:30 am. Each morning my housemate is waiting for me. He grunts at me. Sounds like “Meh.”

I usually respond, “Leave me alone.”

He is still there after I use the bathroom. I don’t understand him. He could use the bathroom before leave my bedroom. It is as if he wants to be irritated with me every single morning.

So, I end up yelling at him, "Screw you!"

I try to exit the bathroom as quickly as possible. Sometimes, I try not to check for him – to see if he is still waiting for me. When he catches my quick glance he always grunts “MEH.” Always a little louder the second time.

If I am lucky, he will be gone by the time I am ready to depart for work. I am rarely lucky. He is a sentinel. Guarding the bathroom door or guarding the stairway. I don’t know which. I just want to be left alone.


It is louder the third time. He voice rings in my ears as I scramble down the stairs to exit through the kitchen.

Sometimes, I will stop just to yell at him, “Leave me alone.”

In the evenings, I am convinced that he waits for the garage door to open before he races upstairs just so that he is at the top of the landing and the entrance to the bathroom


His grunts get pretty aggressive as the sun wanes.

Gosh, he is so annoying. He always wants a fresh glass of water. He wants me to get it for him. But it must be perfect. The correct temperate. Must be clean. Once I tried to add some lemon juice to his water. He was furious.

I just want him to leave me alone.

Yesterday, I set some water in front of him; I walked back to my bedroom and discovered that he had pushed it away from him. As if it was not good enough for him. I was so offended.

You are probably wondering why I permit this behavior in my own house. I was forced to permit him to live under my roof. He was a package deal when one of my friends came to live with me. I don’t want her to leave so I have to accept this horrible creature. She adores him. I cannot figure out why. He is so demanding.

I am constantly cleaning up after him. Demanding and messy. The spot that he guards in front of the stairs and near the bathroom is attracted to his hair. He is fastidious groomer but doesn’t pick up after himself. Gross.


That cat is driving me insane.

Every morning he wants fresh water. Every evening fresh water. Perfect water. He has his own dish in another part of the house. Why does he pester me?

He is like the brown spot in the carpet. The one you see every single day because you have to walk past it. The one you don't want to deal with...... Yes, that brown spot.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

he is good looking though- love the rose too!

The Frizzy Hooker said...

Also, he is the cat in my banner

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