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Barbie Fighting in Ten Minutes or Less

Monday, March 1, 2010

This blog will be the first edition of Other People’s Kids

Gotta love them

I agreed to help a girlfriend with the cooking for her Superbowl party. I had a terrible headache and just wanted to lie down for the night. But I could not ignore her pleas.
She gave me two motrin and an hour later I was fine. Yeah for motrin. She has a four year old, who I will call Boatman, and most of the children at the party were older girls. I offered to pick up Trey and Lil’ T to play with her son.
In case you are wondering, I do not know much of anything about football or the Superbowl. I spent the night reading – headache free. I had a highly coveted spot on the couch in front of the TV with my latest fey novel. Belly full of talipia and spaghetti. Content with the world until Lil’T appears in front of me.
She was guiding an injured Trey by the hand. In her other hand, she held several cubes of ice inside of a paper towel. Trey’s tear tracked face made whimpering noises. I asked “ What happened?”
First I checked the clock. Ten minutes. Ten minutes had elapsed since I fed Lil’T and Trey and told them they could play with the other kids. Ten minutes. Or maybe eight.
Guradian Lil’T felt that her responsibility to Trey had been completed and left without telling me what had happened. Whimpering Trey informs me that Boatman hit him with a toy while he applied the cold pack to his forehead. I called Lil’T back and asked her to send Boatman to me for an interview.
Boatman arrives - literally dragging his feet on the carpet. He offered this explanation.
“ I wanted to fight someone. No one would fight me. So I throw a toy at Trey.”

I was stunned.
My voice could only reply, “Well are you sorry for hurting Trey?”
“What was that? Are you going to apologize to Trey?”
Mumbling.. “I wanted to fight someone.. No one would fight with me..” mumble
By now, the entire room is observing this. Including Boatman’s father. He removes Boatman to have a chat with him. I do not discourage father to son chats.
I use the break to check on Trey’s bruise.

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It was doozy. Boatman really wanted to start a fight…… Is that some new form of play?
I warned Trey to duck next time someone starts throwing things. Then I resumed reading my book until Boatman returned to properly apologize to Trey.
Another five minutes and Trey was ready to resume playing with the other children as long as he could hold his ice pack to his forehead. By the end of the night, he told me that he was not ready to go home and that he wanted to play “Sum Moor.”
Apparently, the huge knot on his head could not stop him from having a good time.
I asked his father if Boatman had an appointment with a bully in the near future.

This weekend, Lil’ T and Trey visited me.
Lil’T brings a DVD and cannot comprehend why I have not repaired or replaced my broken DVD player. She reasons with me that if I had a working DVD player then she could watch her Barbie movie. I responded that she has probably seen that Barbie movie many times and she would not be injured to watch Coraline with me. She informed me that Coraline is a scary movie. I asked her if she had seen it before. She state that she had already watched Coraline and now she wanted to watch Barbie.
I suggested that she would not be scared to watch Coraline again with me. She insisted on watching Barbie. I gave up.
I set up my bedroom dvd player for her to watch Barbie while simultaneously playing on her hand held game.
I hear a loud crash coming from my bedroom. I check the clock. Yup, ten minutes had elapsed.
“What made that sound?” I ask
“That fell on the floor.” She responds as she casually makes a waving motion with her arm. She does not deign to look at me from her game.
“What fell on the floor?”
“That fell on the floor.” Again she casually flips her hand to indicate that the 3.5 pound dumbbell fell off the bed.
“You mean you dropped the dumbbell onto the floor “
“No, it fell.”
“No, you were playing with it and you dropped it. Since you cannot be left unsupervised you can watch Teenage Mutant Ninjas with me and your brother.”
“No, I want to watch Barbie.”
“Well maybe Barbie will make a guest appearance on TMNT, now come on.”
When I herded them to bed at ten pm. She informed me that on non-school nights they are allowed to stay up late at her home. A casually mention to her that she was not at home and turned off the light.
Someone really should remake Adventures in Babysitting because flying toys and falling dumbbells are serious business.

Crafty Update
Done. Complete. Finished. I mailed the hats and scarves to my father to distribute to the grandkids. The is the final hat design.

And the new shawl
I am following this pattern : Dagmar. Hairpin lace is loads of fun. I almost wish that I was making this for myself.


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