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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I had been pretty regular with my posts until last week.

I visited an old friend on Saturday in Michigan.  She took met to City Knits where I  bought a strange looking hook.  It is called a Handy Hook and promises to be a more comfortable experience.  It is endorsed by the crochet association international.  Whatever that is. We walked two blocks to get to this great yarn store. I was really bummed that it had the Adriafil yarn that I ordered from the UK.  Next time, I will call Michigan since it isn't too far away. 
I am too lazy to take a picture.  Just imagine an orange peeler with a hook on its end.

We spent a hour longer at the LYS because I insisted on checking my Ravelry stash  via my PDA phone.  I wanted to buy some yarn that I needed for my stash.

This is the yarn I wanted to add to my stash. My two year long search has not found any new skeins.
☜ The store had the color in bulky. I always find it in bulky.   I needed chunky.  I spent 45 minutes trying to check my stash online.
It would not load on my phone.  I tried and I tried and I tried.
I was going to just buy the yarn and hope for the best but I wanted to absolutely sure of the weight.  Besides, they were having a sale!!!!!

Finally, the salesperson (eager to close the register) confirms that that yarn is sold in the weight that I wanted. So, it was possible that I needed the heavier weight yarn.  I reluctantly left the store.
 Later at my gf's house, I checked my stash on her laptop.  I was wrong. 
☜This is the color that I actually have. No wonder I can't find anymore of it.  It looks like a BR flavor.  I held up the saleslady for almost an hour over the purchase of yarn that I didn't need at all.  And all I purchased was a crochet hook. 

BTW the colors really look different. Really different.  Like the difference between purple and pink.

My gf has a digital tv and a laptop but she is unable to make the two pieces of equipment talk to one another.  So we ventured into the cold and wet weather visiting store after electronics store to find the adapters necessary to make it work.  She needs a vga to hdmi adapter.  I determined that the adapters that she needs can only be found on the Internet for 80 bucks.

I unveiled for her my new invention. I am calling it the Hooker's  Ball . 
My father worked for GM for enough years to retire.
As a technician for the engineers, he invented tools that would help factory workers to make the cars.  On occasion he made tools designed to reduce joint stress.

I asked him to reinvent the crochet hook for me.  I explained the who "cripplemecrochet" AKA carpal tunnel problem and he said "all you need to do is make something that will change your hand movements." 
I went to Joanns and purchased these styrofoam balls. inserted a knitting needle down its center and jammed a larger crochet hook into the hole.
Ize invented it.  

I am not sure that she was convinced.

After my wonderfully wet visit and on my way home, I began coughing.  Having allergies, mixed with warm March weather and carelessly making my body's defenses  work harder leads to Bronchitis.

I have two scripts for antibiotics, using the inhaler every 4 hours, the nasal spray twice a day and something for the cough.
I have been miserable.  Today, I feel as if I can lift my head above a cloud.
I am feeling normal.
And incidently, I have completed three books and one project.

This is the dagmar shawl in berroco zodia aries. 

The Zodiac has been discontinued. Thank goodness for Ebay!

This is a close-up of how I joined the strips.

It was fun to complete but my shoulder began hurting while holding the hairpin lace tool.  I need to ask Dad about that.... 

Frizzy thought
Is Oprah trying to replace morgan freeman in voice over work?


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