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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The remains of a once proud fat bird.  Sometimes, I feel guilty about keeping a bird feeder with so many stray cats in my neighborhood.

 I know cats can be ruthless predators, so when I found a bat in my bathroom, I expected the house cats to handle it.

Oh.  You don't know about the bat, do you?

Two weeks ago, I saw that the bath shelf  behind the tub was dark as if full of mold and dirt.  I exited the tub and reentered with my robe. 
I moved the product stand to clean behind it.  For some reason, I am the only one who bothers to clean under the shelf.
I saw what looked like a pile of hair.   I became annoyed.
Then if flew at me.

I ran out of the bathroom.  Stood in the middle of the upstairs hallway and started screaming.  Thirty seconds elapsed before my roomie deigned to check on me.
Later she would tell me that she thought I had been yelling about the hair she had left in the tub after her shower.

She also told me that I began stuttering while I tried to tell her about the bat.

I can only imagine.
Thinking that I must have mistaken the bat for a common household spider, she entered the bathroom.

Do you see it??????
She looked in the bathroom.

There are any number of immediate responses to finding a bat in your bathroom.
I began calling male relatives.  
My roomie - updated her Facebook status.  
While I was calling the neighbor to send her husband over to remove the bat she was replying to comments. The husband was out of town but she said that after the kids were finished with choir practice she would help me to remove the bat. 
I went to the houses of other neighbors and asked wives if their husbands were free and roomie was set up her video camera.  
When I got back to the house, we reasoned that the cats would catch the bat. 

The cats would not find the bat.
If you can see the video you may be able to hear me in the background yelling at my cousin for suggesting that I hire a pest remover. 
Finally, she agreed to take care of the bat.
In this video she is Searching for the pest
We found the bat hanging from the silk flower arrangement. 

After much giggling, our efforts resulted in a

A few minutes later, my neighbor arrived at the door with both her kids in tow, a net and her own video camera.

I guess, I was the odd one. 


Anonymous said...

ROFL!! That is just hysterically funny - the updating of FB and taking videos of it. :D

Of course, had I had the presence of mind, I'd totally have taken a video of the youngest attempting to kill the palmetto bug last year. That sucker flew down & landed on his back & he proceeded to dance, wiggle and scream all the way outside trying to get it off of him. Funniest.Thing.Ever.

suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

if it's not digittally recorded, it's not real!!

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