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New Pics from the garden

Monday, May 24, 2010

The peonies from Grandpa's garden finally bloomed

They are lovely

These are the peonies I found in my back yard after I bought my house.  I hadn't found anyone to mow the lawn and the grass got pretty high.  I saw the foliage and instantly knew what I had.
 Picture coming soon
I pulled these peonies out of my mother's yard when she decided to sell her house.
Picture coming soon

The clematis has bloomed!
Front yard.  My mother gave me this spiral years ago.  I am still waiting for the clematis to fill it out. 
I see that one plant has died.  I will need to replace it as soon as the prices drop.

The window boxes are finally full of flowers.  I just have to remember to keep them watered. 
Back yard.  I have at least three vines in the back.  This is the ONLY bloom so far.
I think the other vines are late summer blooms.
I am excited.

The irises bloomed in force as if overnight

I love the flowers.
You wouldn't think that I have bad allergies

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