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Spring Babies and Flowers

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally a friend of mine is having a girl.  I had excitement. I could use the girlie colors that I have in my stash to create a blanket or a kimono.
I decided to knit a blanket for the stoller.  After two weeks, I noticed that the yarn had a weird quality to render my tension useless.  I couldn't make the row look even.
I frogged it.
Next, I chose to crochet a blanket for the crib. 

I am using an acrylic yarn assuming that the mother will keep her baby from open flames.
The design is pretty simple.  Three rows of single crochet and one row of double crochet.  I chose to use different stitches on the double crochet row. This breaks up my boredom.
Unfortunately, I screwed up royally on one of the dc rows and after one and half skeins of yarn, I noticed that the square was curling awkwardly.
I unravelled it.
I unravelled it again.
I finally had to take it back to the first skein undoing about 6 inches of hard work.  I had four days to complete it.  Then I realized that making a gift for a baby before the baby is born is always my undoing.  I simply cannot handle the pressure.  So, I went to JCPenney and bought some onesies.    Soon-to-be-new-mommy loved them.

There that is it.  Forever more, I will make baby items at my leisure and save them deserving soon-to-be-mommies.

I am still working on the ruana from last Fall.  I had to order more skeins of discontinued colors from eBay.  Thank goodness for destashing. 

My Ruana

It has gotten pretty big.  I am excited to have it completed by this Fall. 

Spring time is here.  I took pictures of flowers that bloomed during March. 
I forgot to take pictures of the crocuses.
f These are pics of the garden.  I finally got around to tilling it last weekend.  
The rhubarb is doing well for the first time in three years.  My water barrel is full of rain. The compost bin needs to be turned over.  The strawberry patch is blooming.    

Poor Dude, keeps trying to understand why grass will not grow in my front lawn.  I keep reminding him that I think lawncare is stupid.  He is such a man.
This week, I hope to start planting vegetables and my cannas.  


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