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From the Archives: My Frizzy Notions

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Originally published November 26, 2007. For some reason, I decided to count off some of my beliefs. 

Rule by Fools: Kakistroacy

First, I Think Text Felicitations Are Dumb
I am, of course, referring to people who send text messages of "Happy - Insert Holiday-". Seriously, for the Love of a Simple Cellular Phone Plan stop it. I have to pay for out of network text messages after 50 and greetings are not worth an additional fee each month. Maybe you think that I am overreacting. So.... Send a card. Spend your money instead. Especially if you are not in my network. Or call me after 9 oçlock.
<< 2010 edit, I finally upgraded my cell plan to included unlimited texting. Despite this, I still think text felicitations are dumb >> 
Two, Hallmark is still the best place to go for the perfect card or gift.
If you have resorted to buying your cards from Wal-mart or Kroger's, remember that you can do better than that. I love visiting Hallmark during holiday seasons. There is always something worth buying or someone worth surprising. It is a lot more thoughtful than a text message.

ETA 2010: I have found that Hallmarks are difficult to find anymore. I still prefer Hallmark but anyplace will do

Three, this is a great time to catch up on movies that you missed at the theater.
Allow me to recommend one for you.
Imagine if you will that the Writer's Guild strike continues indefinitely. Reality TV shows flood the airwaves. Clown court TV shows and CS-Sci-Fi replace real justice. Law and Order begins to resemble Reno 911. Entertainment news and biased talk shows replace investigative report and the whole story. Imagine if the greatest economic, legal, political, military, scientific, academic and humanitarian minds stop having children or have less children. Just imagine another 500 years later.
I am not talking about a future influenced by wars and planetary expansion like that portrayed in Serenity and Star Trek. Nor a future shaped by viruses and conflict like Aeon Flux or Ultraviolet. Not a world dominated by a totalitarian government as in V is for Vendetta. No that that at all. I am referring to a world ruled by idiots. A movie by Mike Judge and well worth a movie rental. Good satire and a scary future.
Idiocracy Photos
It is called Idiocracy and feature Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph and Mike Judge. This is a presidential parade of the future. Hmmmm
ETA 2010:  Eh, skip the movies. Just upgrade your cable package and watch TV ;
Four, buy a lap desk.
lap desk board
These big wooden desks are great. I can put my laptop in the middle, a book to the left and still have room for a writing tablet. I can use it while surfing the Internet on my PC, too. I love this little lap table. You should get one, too. Think of the possibilities.
ETA 2010:  Hmm, I love my lap desk. Still use it when I am actually sitting down and reading/surfing the Net
Five, Try new bread.
I must admit. Hazelnut, poppyseed wheat bread is the best bread on Earth. Just try it once. You will be hooked
ETA 2010:  Pull out some of that apple butter you purchased last month. It is amazing on this bread 
Idiocracy DVD: Standard EditionOkay, seriously I was just having fun. The real point of this blog was to get you to rent Idiocracy available right now at your local video store. Funniest movie of 2006 that noone saw!

The Hangover (R-Rated Single-Disc Edition)ETA 2010:  Rent The Hangover. I still can't believe how funny that movie was.  Another gem of a movie from 2009 is Pontypool Surprisingly good movie. Just watch it. You will agree

My original blog had a lot of my favorite secrets but that one is gone. Isn't it?
My night went from irritation to worse, too. After losing my blog entry, I went to bed. Around 4:30 am I found myself losing my dinner. I have been under the weather all day. And you know what? It would really be great if someone sent to me a text message that said, "I hope you are feeling better."
Just kidding........


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