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My Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My surgery has occurred. It took longer than anticipated due to my uncompromising nose. Dr. ENT informed my waiting friend, Rain, that there "had been a complication." I just know that she turned all shades of white at hearing that phrase. Dr. ENT and Rain had a 15 minute conversation about the complication and its impact on my recovery. Rain shared about 5 minutes of it with me.
She claimed that she did not want to upset me. A portion of the conversation dealt with treating complications from the treatment of the complication. She felt no need to bother me with those gory details. It was strange knowing that she knew more about this "complication" than I did.
Dr. ENT placed these torture implements into my nose. Click here to see them after use. Don't judge. You clicked the link. There was discomfort when he removed them. Not sure that I would describe it as painpain. Hmm. Maybe a pain of 2 for 2 seconds. I had these splints removed about five days after the surgery.
They created a lot of discomfort for me. A lot of snot. A lot of fears that I would stop breathing in my sleep and my nose would be clogged. Unfounded fears it seemed. The splints remained clog free.
The first five days were horrible but not awful. I had pain in my throat and nose. I could not talk for longer than a few minutes without my throat seizing. The next five days have been uncomfortable. I have drainage and heartburn. My throat is still sore. I keep hitting my nose. That hurts.
I bet you never really thought about the number of times you rub against your nose in one day, have you? I have quite a few times since the surgery. I expect the next five days to be more the same. I still can't open my mouth wide.
(you are nasty)
I can't blow my nose. I have sour stomach because of the drainage and I have a horrible, gross taste in my mouth
(you are so nasty)
I am going to stay at home and limit activity with the sour tummy and the whole leaking nose issue.
I have been working on several projects. The ruana is almost complete. Just a few more rows! Will post pictures. I have no batteries in my camera. I am hoping to pick some up tomorrow when I seek out half priced holiday and winter cards. 
I do not like to purchase strictly Christmas cards because they must be mailed by a certain date. I have missed that date a few times. Holiday cards and winter themed cards can be mailed as late as the first of the new year. I am so clever.

Remember the clown pants?
Here is a brief history:
I bought this baby yarn. I made a blanket out of it and began a pair of pants. The doctor determined that the baby would be male and my friends informed that gender rules preclude all baby clothing with any amount of pink. I continued to work on the pants. More babies were conceived, more males. I then learned from my sister that the blanket I made for her out of the yarn had felted. It was a 70/30 blend of wool and acrylic. I didn't  know.......I unraveled the clown pants.
Finally another friend announced she would be having a daughter. I pulled out this yarn and decided to make for her a felted bag. Voila!

Cute isn't it. The straps refused to felt to the exact same length. Very frustrating but I worked with it.

I have also been reading. I completed the latest:

Argeneau Vampire series by Lynsay Sands
Esther Diamond series by Laura Resnick
Amanda Feral series by Mark Henry
I wrote a review of the first book of the series here 
I am reading my first Cal Leandros novel by Rob Thurman after Amazon's repeated recommendations.
I will start my next Parasol protectorate novel by Gail Carriger. I was turned on to this author by a swap partner in my Vampire Valentine group on Ravelry.
and Crimson Moon novel before I go back to work.
I would like to say, I really like unapologetic monster characters. I also love strong female characters that kick vampire butt.
I am still waiting for those new releases from Kelsey Cole and Karen Marie Moning.

Thank you to all who wished me a speedy recovery and
Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

not sure i will ever see your nose the same after clicking the link.... oh well... speedy recovery! *running to toilet bowl with my own sour stomach*

Mary's Sharing Space said...

I am glad that you are on the path to recovery. I already know all about those things (I worked for Dr. ENT when I was in college and was his assistant). Love the bag you made for your friend, it is very pretty. As for Christmas cards you have until Jan 8-15 to get them out because that is when Christmas ends, according to the Christian calendar (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

The Frizzy Hooker said...

Thanks Mary.
The information you provided has already changed my life!
i will head back to Hallmark tomorrow.

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