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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I can't get enough of these subject headings from my SPAM folder. And neither will you. We are entering the final stretch of Winter's grasp. Just a few more weeks.

I have finally discovered one of the sources of my sleeping problems.

Each night, I find myself wide awake at 5:20 am. Every freaking day. 
My alarm sounds at 6:00 am. I thought that maybe, my body was attempting to slowly awaken. Why it did this, I did not know. I just wanted it to stop. Yet everyday, I blink my eyes open turn to the right and check just to be sure. And I see it.
Greeting me like a lover.
5:20 a.m. 
Each morning One could hear me exclaim, "DAMMIT, not again."

One would think that I would just get up and start my morning workout. One would be a fool.
morning workout  your doing it wrong.
I want all the sleep to which I am entitled. I sacrifice quite a bit by turning off my lamp and/or TV at 10 pm each night. I can't discuss any show that airs after 10 pm with my friends unless I catch it on Hulu.
Last year, all of my favorite shows aired during the adult time slot. This year, I have no favorite TV shows. Changing satellite companies took away the DVR in my bedroom. Sigh. I miss the DVR in my bedroom. I stopped frequenting the living room in order to reduce the possibility of moving my yarn stash and bags of WIPs into it and creating a living monster. Does the living room really need the only DVR?

Although the cat might like yarn all over the couches. It would add interest to the cat hair. Speaking of cats, I miss Fattie Cat. Sigh.

The neighbor's outdoor cat has his winter coat. With his black fur, he looks like a bowling ball. I will try to capture him on film. He is mostly tame. Cept when he shits in my garden or flower beds.Then he is a feral monster.

Mentioning the garden. I have been advised that I must start applying anti-slug measures. HOW? The snow still covers the ground. Does anyone know? This video didn't tell me anything...
Back to that which wakens me every morning at 5:20 A freaking M. This morning I solved the mystery.
Imagine this each morning. Yes. That. Horrible. Sound.
Someone running their car. Their noisy car. Since I don't have the energy or the inclination to look out the window into the dark morning and locate the offending vehicle and do whatever with the information, I will use the blog to express my feelings.

I hate you whoever you are. And I HATE your car, too.


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