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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I can not believe that this is my first picture of the socks I am making. I am up to 5 inches. I have four more to go before I bug my knitting co-workers about turning the heel.

I am working on a new granny square blanket
I became interested in this design some time ago. I like the square withing a square design. I am thinking that I will use up all the yarn making these squares using tapestry technique. I hope that I haven't bit off more than I can chew. The technique may be overkill for this design but I it is certainly easier to change colors.
My coworker gave me a bunch of OLD acrylic yarn. Think Wintuk, Sayelle and Dupont.He found it in his mother's house when he prepared it for an estate sale. I gave the majority of the yarn to the Prayer Shawl ministry at the church.

The tulips have certainly lifted my mood this week.
There are so many; I love it.
I did some digging in my yard and discovered that I am infested with grub worms.
I have never seen so many in an 8 inch square foot of lawn. This means war! I have quite a bit of sedum that I would rather have as a front lawn. The grubs don't seem to bother the sedum.

The Peonies are getting ready
Grape Hyacinth
   I had forgotten that I planted these hyacinths in the yard last fall.
I am glad that I hadn't bothered to get the lawn mowed last week.

Finally, I saw this goose on my way to my car last night. You can't tell by the picture but the goose is paddle against the strong current.
Spotted on the Ottawa River


mary said...

I am impressed!!!! Those socks look great. Let me know how you do on turning the heel. I just started trying to knit socks again (I get hung up on the heel and I just have the help of books and videos, but I am refuse to give up!).

Anonymous said...

You must get more interesting spam emails than I do - your titles are much better than mine!

Love the colours of the granny squares.

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