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Sunday, April 24, 2011

I have a friend, Dino, who I have not seen in years. I try to keep in touch by phone and online.
I have him in my messenger.
I chat with him when he is online.
Lately, I have noticed that he is often idle.
Idle for hours.
So, I stopped looking for him online and started attempting to contact him by phone.
Each time I have called, the line has been busy.
You are probably wondering why the line indicates a busy signal.
I don't begrudge anyone who doesn't pay for the call waiting service. In my opinion call waiting equates to a rude interruption.
Consider it. I am in the middle of a phone call and this annoying tone jars my thoughts. If I do not respond to it another will soon follow. I have to make a decision. Do I interrupt my call and flash over to the disrupting caller? Argh.
I avoid these decision on the house phone. It does not have call waiting or three-way calling.
Knowing this, I did not find it odd that Dino was on the phone whenever I called. I knew that I would catch him one day.
Recently, I needed to chat with him. Many things had occurred and I wanted to catch him up on my life. More importantly, I wanted his opinion of VW. Yes, I am still pining for that guy.

I would call.
Busy signal
I would check for him online
Then it hit me like a turtle walking a snail.

I called him while he was online.
Busy signal

I declared


Time to party like it's 19 - 99.
And for that reason, I must make fun of him.
Especially if he is using AOL

I can't add today's Easter blooms because I cannot find my camera.  I will note for you that the tulips opened up this morning.
I will also update on my lightning shawl when I find the camera.



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