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Be her carnal bomb

Friday, April 22, 2011

Today's spam title: Be her carnal bomb.
First line of the message: It is important not to mix up deep depression with short periods of bad mood or sadness!

Well. Who can disagree with that? Wait. What?

Oh I get it.The statement translates to: It is important not to confuse deep depression with less serious forms of depression or perhaps it means:
Don't be dramatic about your temporary bad moods

I liked that advice. I could also take that to mean "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff."

It made me pause.
Have I been letting the small stuff take over my thoughts lately?

Ever since Spring got here, my sleeping has been worse. But that is not driving me crazy. It is just making me annoyed.

I have still been able to maintain my workout schedule. Although, I have seem more inclined to cheat on it than I did in March.
I resolved this by adding Reeses cups to my lunch box every day. A friend suggested that I do not deny myself a treat. Doing so, just makes me want to over indulge. She is correct.
There have been several times since February where I purchased an 8 pack of Reeses cups and I had 8 wrappers lying about my legs and feet before I got home.

I am serious...

I have a problem with Reese Cups. I have since I was a kid. I can't stay away from them. I try not to buy bags of them. I don't give them away for Halloween. I don't buy the Reeses Eggs during Easter. They are my weakness.

At least I haven't stopped with my exercise program. I pushed through with it during Winter and now Spring. I just need to keep it up. My goal is to be a size medium by my 40th birthday. I have the outfit selected. I just want to look cute in it. I should admit that thinking about my upcoming birthday has been stressful.

In a few weeks, my niece graduates from High School three states away. Somehow I have to manage getting down there and back then leave for a conference two weeks later in Chicago. My birthday is 30 days after that conference. Oh. And I can't forget my sororities signature event is next week.
As president, I have both excitement and worry regarding its potential for success. I hope that I am sane enough to entertain my table of ten guests.

So to recap. In two weeks, I have the sorority event. Five hundred guests. Thirty models. Three scholarships. One afternoon. My aunt and I bought a ticket for my grandmother to attend. Since it is the day before Mothers Day we are calling it her present.
In 5 weeks, my niece graduates from High School in Georgia.
Six hundred and fifty miles. Twenty relatives from out of town or more. Two nights stay in a hotel. One more niece to go (in 15 years)

In 7 weeks, I might be headed to the conference. Somehow, I need to find registration fees, hotel fees, meal costs and travel 


Not to forget that in 3 months, I turn 40.
I think I might crack after all. Hell. I think it explains my recent bout of acne that began this Winter (still not resolved)
When I went to the dermatologist he said, "It [the acne] makes you look younger."
Still not sure how I should feel about that comment.   The doctor needs to do whatever magic he can to clear up my skin by my 40th birthday.
Moving on....
So I go back to this email that I found in my Spam folder and read it for inspiration.

It is important not to mix up deep depression with short
periods of bad mood or sadness!

  Dear Frizzy

Even if your sex life is already rich and fulfilling... Imagine you had a little more energy... if your erections stayed harder... or you could go just a little longer...
Or maybe you worry, when you climb under the covers, that you’re starting something you can’t finish?
Well, now advancements in natural medicine are making it easier than ever to promote a strong libido, firm, natural erections and enhanced desire.
I had forgotten that I don't have a boyfriend and therefore no sex life. 
What need did I have for that stupid email? Now if feel depressed.... 
I know that I will get through the next few months. I just don't know how.
Sigh...... Well.
No point in brooding when there is chocolate and wine to be had.

Let's look at today's flowers


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

depression can hit from anywhere, and it's a PITA
don't try viagra though, that wont help!

The Frizzy Hooker said...

Thanks love. Good advice

mary said...

I figure that age is just a number and you can have fun with the number or let the number drag you down. I am 44, this year I will turn 54 (45 backwards) last year I was 34. Try to have fun and fit in some crochet or knitting and it will help you. Besides your neice will need a nice new afghan to take to college with her.

Sandy said...

The flowers are awesome. I can almost smell them from here. They always have such a wonderful scent. Turning 40...didn't bother me as much as turning 30. And all the birthdays after were ok too, until last year when I hit 60. I really really didn't want that to happen. People kept wanting to make something of it, have a gathering etc. I didn't want that. Hubby said even if pretended it wasn't happening it would. And so, we move along.

There is a big difference between being down, having a bad day and being depressed. I really hate how misused the word is. Having worked for psychiatrist and psychologists years ago, am sensitive to the real meaning of real depression.

One thing I will say though, people over complicate their lives. People make their lives too busy and that does cause stress. Do you really have to do everything on your to do list, or do you just think you do. Traveling that far and spending that money and all the time for a HS grad. seems over the top. I think people make too much of that. Should be Mom and Dad, and maybe Grandparents if there in town.

Write down all your things, and cross off those items that will happen and be ok whether or not you go or participate. Example, if you sick and weren't there.

I wish you luck and hope you take control of things rather than letting them (the to do list) control you. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is learn to say NO, I can't do blah blah blah.

Started a linky love, come play.

The Frizzy Hooker said...

You are right. I need to say no and take some control. Now let me pull out that list and determine what needs to be cut....

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