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Friday, July 8, 2011

My purse is really heavy when I have my camera, a paperback book, and my makeup in it. Wait....

My camera was not in it when ....

it set off my passenger seat alarm and I took the picture with it....

I need a new purse.
For the season.
You probably are thinking that I need to take stuff out of my purse.
That would be silly. Don't you think everything in it is important to me?
What could I choose to remove?
The wallet? The tissue case? Change purse? The book? The cellphone not pictured?
2 year calendar?
The pink organizer containing: all these things
A psychologist once claimed that a woman's choice of handbag and what she chooses to carry in it could reveal her character. 

Must have been a male psychologist. I am sure my purse means that I am Frizzy seeing as there is no comb or brush in it EVER.

 I want this for my birthday next week
The Knitter's Satchel™ [K4P5] - $89.00 : Knitting Bags and Knitting Patterns by Jordana Paige
Yummy..... You can paypal me your donations

You only have:


Until my birthday
It is finally summer. I am doing yard work despite my best efforts to find a boyfriend who would do it for me.

Here I am cleaning the gutters.
I believe that they should have been installed at an angle. Water seems to stand in it.
I am pushing it along with one of my gardening tools.

Look. I have no butt. My little sister was right. God walked right past me when she was handing out butts.
Damn her!

I have a groundhog. It has eaten everything. I have no budding eggplants, peppers, or okra.
Look at what it did to the cucumber plant.
It is digging under the house. I have a bit of a overhang where I have a book shelf and my desk alcove in the house.

To the right are the remains of the covered strawberry patch. Darn groundhog. Destroyed.
Strawberries after the groundhog
I finally rid myself of my slug infestation and enjoyed strawberries for the first time in two years only to have a groundhog take up residence under my house and eat my other vegetables.
The strawberries before the groundhog
Will I ever win?


Anonymous said...

My daughters used to make fun of my purses full of everything, now they have them, too. :O)

That bag you want is really cute...I hope you get a visit from the Birthday Fairy and she leaves it next to your pillow (the Tooth Fairy has claimed all rights to under-the-pillow begifting, and anyway, sleeping with a purse under your pillow would give you one hell of a stiff neck.).

I've been jonesing for a new purse, too, and have my eye on this one:,default,pd.html?cgid=womensAccessories&selectedColor=459

But really, $129 for a denim backpack? Not gonna happen.

Braydon said...

nice to read this comment i really enjoyed this

The Frizzy Hooker said...

Wow that is an expensive denim bag. I wonder if I can use it for my knitting

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