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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So I guess I will add "Planking has roots in slavery" to my list of Black Urban Myths along with
2) Black voting rights will expire,
3) SSN indicates race to employers,
4)the CIA leaked crack into the Black community,
5) Snapple was owned by the KKK,
6)the word picnic refers to family gatherings to watch outdoor lynchings,
7)consuming Tropical Fantasy or Church's chicken will lead to infertility,
8)TROOP means "To Rule Over Oppressed People, and
9) watching male actors portray matriarchs is always entertaining.

Stop drinking the Kool Aid, that really is bad for you.
 I am still not sure about the twins named Oranjello and Melonjello. I swear one of my former co-workers told me she worked for a high school program in which they were involved. I tried to contact her for confirmation but the trail ran cold.


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