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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Growing Wild

A few years ago my neighbor Lydia planted a concord grape vine.
She found the vine in the "last chance" section of the gardening department. She never picked the grapes allowing them to remain on the vine and provide food for the birds over the winter.
She really did not expect the vine to live past the first summer. In fact the next Spring, her neighbor cut the vine in preparation for a new family of rentors.
This is the vine now.

In case you are curious, I snapped those pictures from behind my garage and from my driveway.
Below is the diagram of our houses. You see where the vine was planted and how it creeped onto the power lines and is creeping toward my house and Leeza's (VanDam) house.

I finally asked Lydia "What is going on with that grape vine?"

She had no idea that the vine covered the power lines leading to my home. She thought that it had died years ago. I am so tickled by this vine that I have been telling everyone about it. I have called other neighbors into the backyard to see it. I have picked the grapes. They are quite tasty. I have a canopy between the garage and the back neighbors mulberry trees. (Those trees are their own nuisance.)
This week, I called the electric company and took great delight in describing the shrubbery that covers the power lines and everything else behind my garage. They promised to send someone out to remove the vine.Lydia is so embarrassed but to me the 'vine gone wild' is just another summer on my block, this time reminiscent of one of my favorite sci-fi moves.
With that being said let me show you the out of control zucchinis I have growing in the yard.

This is the fourth one that reached this size this summer. I simply cannot keep up with them.

zucchini And I have lost the war with the groundhog. These pictures document  what remains of the cabbages despite my attempts to thwart the ground hog

Apparently my garden = his grazing station. He ate all of the first cabbage and started on the bottom one. All of the red and green peppers were gone. He nibbled them from the bottom up. Sadly, I will have to pay someone to dig up area around my house since the horrible creature made tunnels under the house and along the driveway. 
Today, a friend shared with me that Juicy Fruit gum gets rid of groundhogs. Next Year. I will be prepared.


Anonymous said...

"All plants move. They don't usually pull themselves out of the ground and chase you."

Holy crapanoly.

My daughter's garden has crazy zucchini, too. She swears that she look at them one day and they are normal and then gets up the next morning to find monster zukes.

Grapes gone wild. Love your take on the topic. :O)

Kyle said...

I'd love to have grapes growing wild at my place! But zucchini? Same problem here. We can't keep up! Luckily my father-in-law came up with some potion to make out of them and keeps taking the giant green ones. As it turns out, one of our volunteers this years was - a yellow zucchini. They do the same thing, but no one else seems to like eating them but me.

Jo said...

I love the grape vine gone visiting! The power lines might be a problem, but otherwise, it's beautiful!
Love seeing and reading your summer story. The groundhog however, needs to GO...they are just way too greedy.

Brenda Stevens said...

this was my fave so are imaginative ... so creative...

The Frizzy Hooker said...

Update: I have learned that the grape vine has surpassed the VanDam's house and is creepy toward the house of the mean neighbors. Yes we call them that.

Andrea Jones said...

Wow, that is not a vine it is more like a vineyard! 'Frizzy Wineries' has a good ring to it.

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

zucchini soup FTW!!
love the grape vine, that is awesome

Dances With Vodka said...

Juicy fruit? I'm afraid to ask.
I loved your diagram!

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