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And It Continues

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have done it again.  Neglected my blogging responsibilities. 

You should know that not only have I avoided blogging, I have also avoided exercising, journaling, working on a short story, and buffing my nails.

Terrible aren't I.  I really need to get on those nails. 

I have on the other hand been anxiously awaiting the return of South Park, Medium, Law and Order: CI, my daffodils and crocuses, and a comb.

I am convinced that there is some rift in space and time from which some ogre reaches through and steals my combs.  Okay, I know that I wear my hair natural and I do not really need a comb but there are times that I do.  Those are the times that the ogre lives for. 

I am still terribly afraid of the impending zombie war, restless in my small office, tired all of the time, crocheting or knitting, fascinated by just how much diet dr. pepper tastes like regular dr. pepper, and drinking vodka.

I spend my days napping, imagining methods of getting rid of stray cats, shopping for shoes, and working on baby blankets for friends.

I have gained 20 pounds since Fall and there is no end in site.  If there was just one thing that I could control, I wish that it would present itself. 

I am just peachy.



Cynabon S. said...

good to see you are ok..I miss you girlie!!(((huuuggsssss)))

Bob Shipman said...

U seem in great shape mentally, and the rest follows.


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