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Crocheted TV displaying Pitfall

Friday, March 14, 2008

Too Much magnify

I am just a girl

Well I did it.

I thought that I had officially crippled myself. I had been working very hard to complete my sister's baby blanket. My hand has been swollen for about 8 days. My co-worker, who had a previously life as a rehab therapist, told me to go to the doctor. Now I am taking steroids and anti-inflammatory medicine. I may have to go to therapy. So all of those projects to the right - are on hold for about a month.

Well at least I didn't get tendonitis from making something as ridiculous as this

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

What is the purpose of this or this


Crochet Toy Set on Flickr

This was cute until I realized that it must have been made by some nutty vegan.

Hamburger Dress Front

So, here is one for you.

Also, I spent $80 bucks to learn why my garage door does not close. I haven't oiled it since I had it installed four years ago.


Virtuous said...

Crazy crocheted items! ;op LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog!

You have a great weekend too!

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