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Monday, June 21, 2010

I have a new phone.  I hadn't planned on it.  My HTC Touch stopped behaving.  It would not ring when people called but if someone followed up a call with a text message the stupid phone would ring.  
Very strange.  And random.  I took it into the office and the attendant immediately ordered me a new phone.
I selected an Android phone. 
I downloaded Sudoku.  A wordsearch game.  And Zombie, run!
I have had the most fun with the zombie game.
The other day, I went to the metropark to walk.  To exercise.  I opened the game.  Selected my destination, GPS determined my location and then I start walking.  
Using the screen, I can see the zombies around the park trails.  I avoid them.
Of course, the GPS failed me when I walked under a heavy canopy of trees.  I had been walking for 30 minutes unmolested by zombies and suddenly, I had a blank screen.  
I found a clearing and stopped.  After a few tense minutes, I had my location and found that 20 zombies were coming for me.  I looked in front of me.  I looked in the back of me.  I looked up and I looked around.  Not for zombies........ per se..... I was trying to orient myself.  By the time I started running to get away from the zombies (that only existed on my screen) they were almost upon me.   Sadly, I ran right into them and they ate my brains.  
I played a second game and had a zombie follow me for a mile.  Strange thing is that I increased my pace while the zombie chased me as if it were really behind me.  
I have decided that playing Zombie, run while exercising outside is the best way to include aerobic activity into my routine.  

I finally gave the halter to LilT.  She reminded me that I have made her a "bunch of stuff"  but I have made nothing for her brother.  Well, we will see about that.  I am apparently giving her too much.  It would be best for me to make Trey the focus of my handmade gifts for the next few years.  She will be begging for more by the time I am done spoiling her brother. 

And the Easter lilies from the yard.  I collected these by buying the flowers for my grandmother then heading to her house after Easter.  Since I knew that she will just let them die, I take them from her and plant them in my yard. 

Finally, there has got to be a better way to stay cool this summer. AC is loud and expensive.  Water is overrated.  Vodka needs a chaser.  Being naked isn't always legal.  I need something new.
 I may have found something.    Flying dog brewery has some great beers.  I mean, when the box reads "Good People Drink Good Beer  - Hunter S. Thompson" you can't lose.   I like Old Scratch.       Next time I am getting the Raging Bitch Belgian style IPA. Now you do the same.



suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

how funny being chased by zombies!!

a cold beer is always good! cheers!
btw love the liliesand the cute top

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