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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another mystery flower. I think it is a a visitor from my neighbor's yard. It just seemed to creep under the fence and situation itself. 
And that is okay. The fountain grass that I planted to cover the ugly chain link fence has crept into her yard. She likes it. Using the web, I found it.  It is the Asiatic dayflower and is non-native to the Americas. 

More tiger lilies.  These flowers are like the heralds of summers. 

The easter lilies have yet to bloom.  Maybe next week.
I see that the cannas have erupted from the ground as well as the gladiolas that I planted.

Or maybe she was just sunbathing.    I suspect she uses the floor mat to sharpen her claws.  It can handle it but my furniture cannot. So carry on.  

I spotted more wildlife on the way to work.  There are lots of ducks and ducklings waddling around campus right now. 
IT personnel in their natural habitat.
  You can observe by their attire that these specimens have reached a higher status among that computer techs.  Lower status computer techs wear red shirts to identify themselves as members of the IT department and the first to die.  These specimens earned promotions this past Fall season.  Unfortunately, the promotions have not increased their skill in identifying the problem with this CPU.  For months the pair have attended to the CPU and its mistress, the assistant director.  She is easily identified by her causal business attire. Finally, determining that user error is the not problem the duo have stopped the mistress from attacking both themselves and  the CPU and have exchanged it for a newer model. 
There had been a lot of beard scratching , shoulder shrugging, and side eyes. 

Just before I snapped this pic I spotted them leaned back in the chairs. One held his phone and appeared to be reading it and the other looked bored at the screen.  When I pulled out the camera they stopped doing what came natural to them and began to look intently at the screen of the malfunctioning computer.  So much for my wildlife study. 

Crafty Update
The skirt that I am making for my conference in July has 500 st in the first row..  I swear that each row takes me an hour to complete.  Damn my big hips.
Here is a picture of a completed project.  The knitter did a fine job. 
I hope mine looks half as good as hers.


suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

the skirt looks fantastic- what colour are you going to make it?

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