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Caught, the lazy buggers

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My roommate rearranged the clutter in her room. These suitcases have been sitting in the hallway ever since.

She had them standing upright. Each morning, I would find them scattered about the floor.
I finally caught the culprit.
He looks like he is packed and ready to go somewhere.  He certainly does not want to get his coat wet. 

Every day I head home after a long day of working. I like to stop in the kitchen get a snack or a drink.  Head upstairs to change into my t-shirt and shorts.  In the past, as I approached my bedroom, I would hear a small THUMP and then Little Cat would appear.  It was nice to see her at the upstairs railing begging for a pet.  As the years have gone by, I guess she doesn't care to meet me at the front door or before I enter my bedroom.  Lately, she is still sleeping on the bed as I am taking off my work shoes.
She has a special mat to lie upon.  She has apparently begun snubbing it favoring to sleep with a pillow at her head?????? Is she a cat or a person?
She casually lifts her head, stretches, then drops down from the bed to toddle to her water dish.  Heaven save me if it is empty. She will mew at me while I am undressing until I fill it with fresh water.  There is no rubbing against my legs. No purring to encourage me to pet her.  None of that.  Just an "oh, you are home"  attitude.

I wonder if she thinks that I do not work hard enough...


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