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Getting ready for summer

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The baby blanket.  Finally, it is finished.   I participated in a granny square swap last year or so.  Each five member group created ten squares and received ten squares.  Adding two personal squares, the total become twelve.
The squares were supposed to be 12 inches.  As I put the blanket together, I found that 12 inches was relative.  To what, I don't know. One square was not a square at all.  I don't know enough about geometry to identify its shape. 
Of course, one block unraveled when I laundered the blanket.  That was fun. 
Of course, the blanket is all acrylic.  Once again, I am assuming the mother will keep her baby from open flames.    That is just good parenting, I think. 

I decided to increase each square to 14 inches on all sides to get some uniformity.  That meant that I did not need to use all 12 squares.  I created three strips each with a different border color then selected one color to combine them all.
As you can see Lil Cat approved.

I made this blanket for a student of mine.  I had this yarn that I wanted to use it on something.  I crocheted in the round. Every third row was a DC pattern.  I liked it. It is also acrylic baby melting yarn.
Now that those two blankets are out of the way, I can concentrate on the items I am making for myself.
A white tank top and a skirt . I am asking for everyone to wish me luck.  I needs to be completed by the end of July.

More flowers bloomed this week.

Late Spring clematis. I guess that is it for the vines.  I just hope the vines do not grow into the AC again this year.

I am trying to pull the morning glory sprouts.  Morning glories are not as much fun as you might think.  They spread everywhere.  Like that old movie from the 80s, Creepshow. 

Sedum.  This variety is a great ground cover or around rocks and such. It doesn't seem to be bothered by the kids walking on it either.
The mums are making an appearance.  I pulled these out of my mom's yard before she moved. 
And finally the Asian lilies. I love their color. 

I have worked on a campus for more than 14 years.  Each campus has its own type of wildlife.  I encounter both geese and ducks. 

The campus wildlife.  I try to snap photos of the birds. 
There are mulberry trees everywhere.  The trees attract birds of all types.
And stain all of your clothing and shoes.
You can't really text and walk during the Spring, as you might find yourself sliding on goose poo.  Lots of goose poo.
The squawking is fun to hear.

Severe weather is expected this weekend.  If necessary, you will find me in the basement with a ball of white cotton blend yarn and size 3.75 mm needles.


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