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Gardening and Beer

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello Spring. These are the flowers that bloomed last week.  I am about two weeks behind in my blog updates. Unfortunately, funny stuff happens to me so often that I do not always have the time to stop and blog about it.  My dianthus. 
Another daisy variety. I have many in the garden.  This one is called goblin. 

More dianthus.  I love these flowers they will bloom all spring and summer for me as long as I remember to deadhead or shear them. 

I have pink, red and pale pink. 

All of my okra plants are gone.  I wish that I had noticed it earlier.  I would have realized that slugs had taken over my garden. I did not and I lost a lot of strawberries.  I can plant another okra plant but the strawberries are the real crime.  

I poured sand around my other vegetables.  A twitter friend told me about using fleece to ward against slugs.  I will try that too.  
I have tried the beer trick. I bought a little slug trap that looked like a frog and held the beer.  I just can't keep beer in the fridge long enough to remember to place some in a cup and in the garden.  Seems like a waste of good beer.
funny pictures of cats with captions
Writing of beer, I missed the World Expo of Beer in Frankenmuth MI because the forecast said rain.  Oh how I missed it.  I hope there will be more beer festivals in the area.   My current favorite beer is Summer Shandy by Leinenkugel.  Yummy.  I really need to stop drinking wheat beer but there isn't much gluten free beer out there readily available.  So I live with the heartburn. 

Dude brought me some Samuel Adams beer the other day. I scoffed at him.  What do Easterners know about beer? I am a Midwestern girl and I want Midwestern beer.  
I didn't drink it on principle.  

The alpaca fleece that I have is now infested with moths.  It is sad really.  It did not occur to me that moths would find the fleece tasty.  You should have seen my face when I pulled the fleece out of the garage.  Ok.
I know what you are thinking. Why in the world would I store alpaca fleece in the garage.  
I don't know.
It was stupid.
So I had to track down a friend with an empty deep freezer.  Not easy.... Not easy at all.
She has agreed to plug it in so that I can freeze the fleece and kills the moths.  I guess that I have to allow it to thaw and then freeze it again to kill any left over eggs.  
Once the freezing process is complete, I might try cleaning and carding it.  
Or I might not.

I ran into the Weaver's Guild this weekend.  They were talking crazy to me.  Talking about me buying spinning wheels and carding machines for the alpaca that I have.  And joining the guild.  In our little town we have a Weaver's Guild, a Spinner's Guild, Knitting guilds (2) and a crochet guild. 
So many guilds and I have to work all day. 


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suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

the dianthus are stunning!
if you resent giving the slugs your beer (and that seems very reasonable to me) try putting calcified seaweed around the plants- the salt kills the slugs and the minerals are good for the soil,
or put thin copper coils in the soil round the plants- slugs hate copper,
or make up a infusion of garlic water : put minced garlic- a whole bulb, in boiling water for about an hour, cool, strain out the bits and put in a plant mister to spray rouns the plants- slugs detest it.

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