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Garden tragedies

Monday, August 16, 2010

I am still finding slugs in my garden. I had the unfortunate task of cleaning up my compost bin this weekend and there they were. 
I bet I have confused you with "Clean up" and "compost bin."
A few years back, I hired a guy (who would eventually prove to be a drunk)  to make for me a composting area.  He strung some chicken wire and some stakes.  It never worked for me.  He should have used sturdier stakes and heavier gauge wire.  A door would have been nice.  The thing collapsed. 
Do-It-Yourself projects hate me.   I bought a wire mesh bin.   
I wanted to purchase a plastic one. I could not afford it at the store.  Maybe I will order one from the Net.

I had to clean up the oversized composting staging area.  That is the best description that I have for it.  Under the debris, I found slugs and ready made compost.  I moved the un-composted material to my original homemade composter- an old pallet I found.  Unfortunately the pallet has four sides. I have to lift everything into it and use the pitchfork to move the material. Back breaking work.
I have a lively process for composting.  At the beginning of the garden season, I move all of last year's partial compost to cover the second bin.  I stir the crap up. I usually find pay dirt at the bottom.   I shovel the compost into the wheelbarrow and throw the current years compost into the cleaned out bin.  I am sure there is an easier way.  Maybe. ..
Back to the slugs....
So I picked them up and placed them onto the driveway to give the birds a slimey snack.  I put the Bug Getta near them to experiment.  The packaging says that the bait will attract the slugs.  In my experiment, the slugs slimed their way across the driveway with no inclination toward the slug bait.  Waste of money.  I found this cartoon.

Look at the gnome.  He appears very reflective as he perches on the pot of chives. 

I think the gnome has given up. Or he has decided to take a different approach.  I stared at him for some time, trying to imagine his thoughts.  What do you think?


suse-the-slow-knitta & Baldyboi said...

the gnome is planning a chive omelette and hoping the slugs don't get their first!

The Frizzy Hooker said...

Yummy. chive omelet.

Mary said...

Put some beer (yes beer) into a shallow dish. They will go in, get drunk and die. Yes, I know waste of a good beer, but it works better than that other stuff and you get to drink the rest yourself.

The Frizzy Hooker said...

I am going to do the beer thing since i am dieting. The fleece suggestion has worked as well but I want them dead

Anonymous said...

I used Corry's Slug and Snail Death. I got it from Target. Kills the pests dead and the leaves of your plants too if you get it on there. But this gave my strawberry plants a fighting chance since they weren't infested with snails any longer. I'm bitter about having to introduce that poison into my garden tho.

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