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Yardwork and Tar

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I have not posted due to the start of everything.
The sorority year.
The academic year.
And Fall allergies.
You are welcome.
I did have some work done on the house recently.  I hired my uncle to dig up the front yard and waterproof it.  He gave me two days to prepare the yard.  I wanted to link you to some of my old posts about the yard work I had done in 2005. Unfortunately, those posts went away when Yahoo 360 turned off. 

I had to do some foliage removal.
I dug out the Grandpa's peonies. I hope that I found all of the root ball.  I removed the Easter lilies and the Asian lilies.  I left the sedum. It just grows like crazy anyway.   
I used the pitchfork and removed all of the other  lilies. The sage. Everything.  I only left the clematis. 

I repotted everything while the men did their work.

It took them a few days.  They leveled out the yard when they completed their tasks. Unfortunately, the noodleheads emptied the dirt out of my POTS in order to level the yard.  I yelled at them. I asked them why did they not use the dirt behind the garage. My Uncle's worker informed me that he did not want to leave holes in my yard.
I thought that was the stupidest thing I had ever heard.  The men had watched me dig out my plants and pot them.  Watched me.  So why would it be a good idea to empty them out????? The patch of land behind my garage is about 3 feet wide and is nothing but a dumping ground for non-compost material. Besides the compost bin is back there and full of dirt.

  Oh look, this is my fifth year at my house and still no grass.
Stupid grass.

I have been finding perennials on sale. Look at this hibiscus that I found for $5.00. I am not going to replant the peonies here. I am going to move them to another location. I am looking for yellow coneflower that isn't 13 dollars and red coneflowers.  I would love a coneflower garden. 
You can see from the two previous pictures  that my uncle is a man of his word.  I wanted some waterproofing done so that my basement would be drier and he used the remaining tar to "paint" my exposed brick foundation.  I am still shaking my head. If he works on my house again, I will take the day off of work.   I repainted the brick to match the trimming.  Still shaking my head. 
I am thinking about submitting a picture of his work to There I Fixed It

I guess while I wait for the spring and summer bulbs that I ordered to arrive, I will use the time to make some mint liquor. 
And some pesto

I think the gnome attacked the elephant sculpture. You can see it in the background.  The gnome is standing where the elephant had been.\


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