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I want to be alone with my yarn

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I have been crafting.  I simply have failed to mention it.  I am still upset with myself for abandoning the tank top.  I had planned it to be a green with white trim top and I ran out of green.  I had sadness.  I did not have the heart to redesign it.  I will pick it up again in the Spring. It will be white with green.  I regret showing it to my roommate.  She probably thought that she would have worn it this summer. 

I began a scarf for Trey, since he asked for it. 
He has excitement for this scarf.  I am excited for him. I hope that I do not let him down.  When did needlecraft come with so much baggage?

I picked up a skein of yarn from See Jayne Knits for no reason than because I had some money.   This yarn is called Lumberjack.  I love it.  I have decided to make my first pair of socks out of it.
The latest issue of Crochet! arrived last week or so. 
I am back to working on my winter wrap.  I hope that I finish it in time.  The white spot is a piece of 8X11 sheet of paper.  It should give you an idea of just how massive it is.  And it is only 50% completed. I have transitioned to the second color. It will have three colors by the time I have it completed. 
My stash.  this year, I removed it from under my bed and displayed it on the bookshelf.  I planned to discourage random yarn purchases by seeing my stash more often.  It has worked. I do not purchase nearly as much as in the past.  I love the clear bins. I can see everything. 

And here he is.  The gnome is making a statement about my landscaping.  His presence here tells me that he wants me to seed and water the front lawn. We are in a stalemate. 
 I composed a poem for him and all others who have asked me to do something about my lawn this summer.  (Dad, Uncle Curtis, Dude, Cousin L, co-worker, neighbors, etc)

I have no lawn.  
It will not grow
The lawn's not green
No reason to mow

It won't grow for rain
Not even for sun
The neighbors, they complain
What's to be done

It has fertilizer
It has seeds
Yet all that's there
Are some weeds

I have no lawn.  
It will not grow
The lawn's not green
No reason to mow

By the way
Green Eggs and Ham turned 50 this year


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

socks!?! you're gonna make socks? careful, it can be very addictive.
*waves* to gnome

irish888maiden said...

Um...I'm pretty sure the whole theory of the shirt was for it to be worn this summer...not that I'm complaining... Just gives me something to look forward to next year right?

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