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Thursday, September 2, 2010

It is time for another Other People's Kids entry...
Drum roll.

I watched Little T and Trey this past weekend. I set them up with the UNO cards while I worked in the kitchen.  Dude was over so he pretended to watch them and Cartoon Network. I am sure that he secretly wanted to watch some sports or something.

Lil' T demonstrates her boredom with very peculiar habits.
She would walk onto the enclosed porch, pretend to read a magazine there.  Play with the wind chimes.  Then walk out onto the stoop. Pick up the sidewalk chalk. Make adjustments to her calcium sulfate masterpiece. Do some hopscotch. Return to the porch, do a little dance with a twirl. Walk back into the living room. Plop herself onto the couch. This went on for 30 or so minutes until I yelled, "stay in the house or stay out." 
Completely channeling my mother.... I wish I had had my camera. She amused me.
She wandered into the kitchen and asked me to show her how to cook.  I pulled out the stepping stool and we worked on washing, peeling, and chopping vegetables.  It was cute.
When I had set her up to peel her first tomato, I checked on Trey. I was making sauce from garden vegetables. 
I gave Trey a hug for being a good boy and noticed that my hand came away wet.
I asked him to explain.  This is how it went:

potty pee boy
"I had to use the bathroom.  I ran up the stairs..... but I did not make it."
"and that is why you need a bathroom downstairs."

I thanked him for his remodeling advice and glared at Dude for not properly watching the young boy.  Dude tells me that Trey announced "I have to use the bathroom."  Jumped up from the couch and started towards the stairs, asked him to turn on the hallway light, and then ran to the bathroom. He returned a few minutes later and refused to sit down on the couch.
Men are so oblivious......

I drag Trey to the bathroom and ask him to remove his pants.
I get the full monty.
I ask him about the location of his underwear.
This is how it went:

"I told my daddy that I had no underwear."
"I told him. When I went over my cousins house and I had no underwear"
"He did not listen to me."

I found some of my roomies size extra small leggings and he wore those while his shorts laundered.  After much back and forth, I wrangled him back into the bathroom for a bath. 

You should have seen his father's face when he asked me about Trey's clothing.
This is how it went:

"So you washed his shorts and underwear."
"What underwear? The boy is going commando."
"What did you say?"
"Commando. You heard me"
Pause, as realization hits him that his 5 year old son has been playing all day without underwear.  
"Boy, you don't have any drawers on?"
"I tried to tell you Daddy, you no listen to me. But I tried to tell you. I sure did. I told you I had no underwear......"

Ahh. Gotta love the little ones
I want some....


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