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Mystery flowers

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As promised the peony that I dug out of my mother's yard when she decided to sell the house

At night
During the day
The peonies that I found in the back yard during the first year I bought my house

At night before they bloomed
In the day time and open

I thought I killed this rose bush last year.  It is remarkably resilient to my neglect. It was here when I bought the house. I successfully murdered the other two.  I think this one is my favorite, now.

More irises bloomed

and finally a mystery
 I have no idea if this is a flower or a weed.  It looks interesting

New Pics from the garden

Monday, May 24, 2010

The peonies from Grandpa's garden finally bloomed

They are lovely

These are the peonies I found in my back yard after I bought my house.  I hadn't found anyone to mow the lawn and the grass got pretty high.  I saw the foliage and instantly knew what I had.
 Picture coming soon
I pulled these peonies out of my mother's yard when she decided to sell her house.
Picture coming soon

The clematis has bloomed!
Front yard.  My mother gave me this spiral years ago.  I am still waiting for the clematis to fill it out. 
I see that one plant has died.  I will need to replace it as soon as the prices drop.

The window boxes are finally full of flowers.  I just have to remember to keep them watered. 
Back yard.  I have at least three vines in the back.  This is the ONLY bloom so far.
I think the other vines are late summer blooms.
I am excited.

The irises bloomed in force as if overnight

I love the flowers.
You wouldn't think that I have bad allergies

Oh Gawd. I think I broke my foot

Monday, May 17, 2010

I have never felt so out of sorts before.

I registered to attend webinar using GoToMeetings today.  I had to cancel attending a Martinis and Makeovers program sponsored by a Mary Kay friend at a local wine bar and lounge.  I already miss the martinis and pampering. I went to the gym to exercise. I came home ate, showered and got ready for the meeting. I am relaxed.

Logged into my email to retrieve the codes and panicked.


I had been operating under the assumption that the meeting began at 9 p.m.  The notice read 8 - 10 pm CDT.  I scrambled to download the gotomeeting software using mozilla. That failed miserably after four or so tries.  I switched to Internet Explorer. Successfully downloaded the software then picked up the house phone.Fail againThe access number was a long distance number.  Cursing myself for removing long distance on the house phone, I look for my cell phone.


It is no where to be found. My roommates keeps calling it while I look in my purse, my car, my raincoat (oh yeah, it was raining cats and dogs and I have a detached garage). I am wet and phone less. My roommate hears me cursing and she permits me to use her new Palm phone


It takes me three tries to dial the phone number.  I fail 9 times to key in the access code.  After each series of three failed attempts the call disconnects forcing me to redial and fail again.  

I begin cursing like a sailor.She laughs like a hyena and offers to key in the number.  She struggles... And giggles.  

I am panicking because I am still under the false belief that 8 pm CDT is the same as EDT.  
Once I am on the call, I realize to my relief that I am not late for the meeting.  I have my roommmate mute the phone.  That is the only thing I did right all night. I settle down at my desk and open a few windows and chat with some hoars while I wait for the meeting to start.  
I drink Merlot the roommate brought home.

Pull out my crochet since I am still plugging away at that baby blanket for a girl.

The meeting starts and I don't have the materials I need to follow the presentation.

I quickly stand up ---


I don't rise straight up, instead my socked foot slips on the wood floor under the wood desk with a loud crash.

I curse.

My roommate runs out of her bedroom to check on me. I am still cursing.

I am hopping around on one foot while looking through my briefcase for the review materials.

I locate the materials, plop into my chair and fumble with her stupid phone to announce myself and then mute the call.


I ask my roommate to unmute the phone so I can announce myself then mute the phone so I can remain on the call.

For all my rushing the first hour of the webinar was a read-along.  I guess in this day and age you have to hit each style of learning.

First:  Send an electronic document to members to review one month in advance. Hands on

Second:  Create visual presentation with the images of the pages. Visual

Third:  Read the document while the pages appear on the webinar window. Only adding reference information.  Auditory

In order to ask a question I have to unmute the phone.  Knowing that I will fail at that simple task, I try to send an instant message.  I inform the meeting organizer that I an unfamiliar with the mute function on the phone.  She replies, "dial special code to unmute your phone."   

The code would have worked if I had not accidentally disconnected the call while trying to bring up the fucking keypad. 


It takes me two failed attempts at dialing the number.  My roommate's two failed attempts before she successfully gets me back into the meeting and they have ended the session.

Fail fail fuckity fail

I endure all of this with a throbbing foot.

Where is the wine.....

funny pictures of cats with captions

see more Lolcats and funny pictures

My roommate tweeted the entire adventure from her point of view.

I don't make faces

Friday, May 14, 2010

I have just been elected to a position in my public service sorority.  Several members have expressed to me that they will come up with a method for signaling me when I am making faces.  
I cannot image what that signal will be.  I am sure that the faces that I make are not that bad.  So what, if I will be sitting at the front of the room and effectively in charge of the meeting.  
People say they can always tell what I am thinking once they understand my faces.  
So what...
Well, I will let you decide. I took some pictures of myself.  I mean, I had some pictures taken of me while I posed thinking of a mood. 

This is Dd

This is F
What am I thinking?

Crafty Update
I got my very first issue of Crochet! Magazine and made this belt with my Skipper yarn. 

  I finally joined Crochet Guild of America.  With the membership I got the magazine.  I hope I enjoy it better than Interweave Crochet. 

Spring Babies and Flowers

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally a friend of mine is having a girl.  I had excitement. I could use the girlie colors that I have in my stash to create a blanket or a kimono.
I decided to knit a blanket for the stoller.  After two weeks, I noticed that the yarn had a weird quality to render my tension useless.  I couldn't make the row look even.
I frogged it.
Next, I chose to crochet a blanket for the crib. 

I am using an acrylic yarn assuming that the mother will keep her baby from open flames.
The design is pretty simple.  Three rows of single crochet and one row of double crochet.  I chose to use different stitches on the double crochet row. This breaks up my boredom.
Unfortunately, I screwed up royally on one of the dc rows and after one and half skeins of yarn, I noticed that the square was curling awkwardly.
I unravelled it.
I unravelled it again.
I finally had to take it back to the first skein undoing about 6 inches of hard work.  I had four days to complete it.  Then I realized that making a gift for a baby before the baby is born is always my undoing.  I simply cannot handle the pressure.  So, I went to JCPenney and bought some onesies.    Soon-to-be-new-mommy loved them.

There that is it.  Forever more, I will make baby items at my leisure and save them deserving soon-to-be-mommies.

I am still working on the ruana from last Fall.  I had to order more skeins of discontinued colors from eBay.  Thank goodness for destashing. 

My Ruana

It has gotten pretty big.  I am excited to have it completed by this Fall. 

Spring time is here.  I took pictures of flowers that bloomed during March. 
I forgot to take pictures of the crocuses.
f These are pics of the garden.  I finally got around to tilling it last weekend.  
The rhubarb is doing well for the first time in three years.  My water barrel is full of rain. The compost bin needs to be turned over.  The strawberry patch is blooming.    

Poor Dude, keeps trying to understand why grass will not grow in my front lawn.  I keep reminding him that I think lawncare is stupid.  He is such a man.
This week, I hope to start planting vegetables and my cannas.  

Blog Anniversary

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