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Monday, October 10, 2011

Three weeks ago on a Saturday I weeded the garden. This is what I found the next day

Two devoured collard plants.

I saw this a few days latter. Another collard plant devoured by the animals.

I spotted a groundhog back in July. I spied the tail end of a rabbit Monday night. I am thinking they are friends and had dinner in my backyard.

By Thursday I found all the half eaten tomatoes. My irritation mounting
Monday of the following week the freeloaders had eaten the zucchini and acorn squash vines down to the stalks. I'd had a thriving garden just ten days prior. It makes me so sad.

Strange but the okra had not been touched. Really, strange. Okra is so tasty.

All of my gardening this summer only succeeded in establishing a thriving outdoor eatery for small animals. I bet they are just dancing and eating the night way.
I am fighting a war here and I am losing. I am losing to four legged creatures with voracious appetites. I am in this war for the long haul. My garden or my sanity. The first battles involved the great slug infestation of 2010 and now the 2011 critter siege.

The following Saturday, I knew I had a serious problem with the rodents as I headed to the garden store. I purchased some spray for the remaining three plants and covered them with bird netting. The spray should downgrade my garden eatery to one star making the food undesirable to the local residents. 
Those residents include the groundhog, the rabbit that I spotted and a family of raccoons living in the VanDamme's tree.
Hopefully, this will leave me with just enough collard greens to eat for Thanksgiving (USA). 

You know, if my childhood hadn't given me a healthy fear of putting my eye out, I would invest in a BB gun.
On the other hand, if I take up arms so will the animals.


Next year I am having raised bed gardening plots.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist. The tomatoes were so juicy, the greens so fresh and delicious. I've never liked okra, though. Too slimy. Blech.

Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

Sorry about the garden,but ... LOL... love the blog!

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

it could be zombies....

The Frizzy Hooker said...

I am getting ready for the zombies...

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