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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I frogged the baby blanket again. I think I am up to six times.
I am working on a new pattern with a larger hook.
Similar to the ruana that I created last year.
It is Tunisian crochet.
I am starting from the corner with three stitches.

Foundation row
I crocheted four stitches.
Inserted my hook into the second chain from my hook, yo and drew the loop but did not pull through the stitch.
This left two loops on my hook. Then I repeated the step ending with three loops on my hook.
On the reverse pass, I YO then drew through the first loop keeping it on the hook. Then I yo and drew through two loops at a time until the end of the row.
You know typical stuff.
The second row is where the fun began.


Forward Pass
I had three vertical bars and one loop on my hook. I need to increase.
1. Inc by pulling a loop through the horizontal stitch between the loop on the hook and the first vertical bar (which is under the working loop).
Next I began the pattern
2. Insert the hook to the right of the back loop of the second vertical bar. Grab the back loop with the hook. Pull it up on the hook while bringing the hook back the front. YO and pull through, keeping loop on hook. I don't know the abbreviation for this stitch. It is a reverse simple stitch.
3. Insert hook right to left under the next vertical bar. YO and  draw loop through, keeping loop on hook
I repeated that until the last vertical bar of the previous row.This is tunisian simple stitch or TSS.
4. Inc one stitch
5. Then complete the final tss.
Reverse Pass
6. The reverse pass is YO then drew through the first loop keeping it on the hook.
7. YO and draw through two loops at a time until the one loop remains on the hook.
The reverse stitch looks sorta like this. Where the loop twists from left to right or clockwise.


In the subsequent rows, I took care to follow the pattern from the previous row to make vertical bars.
I like it.
No more frogging.. Still don't get it?
When I unravel the blanket it I am ripping out the stitches. I -rip it and rip it and rip it.


Mary said...

I am right there with you. I have frogged socks so many times it is not funny. I have also tried to make a Tunisian style scarf (I am not ambitious enough to make an afghan with it). Good luck. I hope you are able to post a finsihed product soon.

Darlene ~Bloggity Blogger~ said...

Oh...(delayed reaction to frogging) I GET it! I'd love to crochet that ruana, but I'm afraid I will get as sick of it as I did the floor length rose pattern occasional table cloth I crocheted for an aunt about 25 years ago.

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