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Friday, December 30, 2011

I am writing this post in response to this week's GBE2 prompt
Free writing for 15 minutes.
I have a topic. A subject to consider.
What will be the subject titles for my posts for 2012?
For 2011, I used the subject headings from my SPAM folder. I must say AT and T does an excellent job of filtering out such email message subjects.
I don't have a favorite for 2011 but "Blood won't leave Willie" would make a list of my top two.
The show titles for episodes of the Jerry Springer show are being considered for my 2012 posts.
I just don't know if they are varied enough
"My sister stole my boyfriend"
"Lesbian threesomes"
"Transexuals confront secret lovers"
My content isn't so risky.
I just like to write about the funny people that I know and when the darndest things happen to me.
And happen to me often they do.
No one will forget the possum under the couch.
Nor will I

Or my drunken texts from a night of sake and martinis
FYI Don't mix sake and martinis.
I think I am going to have some sake tonight. Yup.
This weekend I expect to spend the last days of 2011 with my dad and his family.
That should be entertaining. My step-sister has three little girls stair-stepped and adorable.
I can't wait to give to them their Giftmas presents.
I still have to head to Game Stop to purchase a gift card for my nephew.
When I went there on Sunday it was crowded and it smelled like man funk.
You know man-funk. It smelled like a living room during a football party- including snacks.
I was out shopping at Hallmark to pick up some cards for 40% off. I like Hallmark cards. I feel that when I send them for the holidays, I am impressing my friends with my cultured expressions of season's greetings.
I really like Hallmark, I also frequent their stores because they are locally owned by small business owners. I am doing two good things with my patronage.
I can find the most interesting small gifts from their stores. I just wish that so many hadn't closed back in 2008. It takes more of an effort to shop there and it is so much easier to pick up a card at the grocers or some stupid box store.
I did not pick up a calendar. I like to wait a long as possible to purchase a calendar. I find that someone will give me one for free that I will absolutely love if I just wait.
I do head to the locally owned garden and beer making supply store for their annual Farmer's Almanac calender for its garden hints. I picked up some basil seeds while I was there.
I am going to attempt grow indoor basil this winter for my cooking.
I just know it will not work for me.
Just like my Christmas Cactus has not bloomed in two years.
I probably need to plan that better. I want a bloom. Dawggonit.
At least the cat doesn't bother that plant.
She just likes to poo when ever I am down or up wind of her litter box. Doesn't seem to matter how much I spend on the litter.
Well that is 15 minutes. I hope to write one more post before 2012. I hope you enjoy it and all the other ones.
Happy New Year


Artful Communication - k~ said...

This was a fun read Frizzy, I'm glad you are part of GBE2 so that I could find my way to your blog!

Anonymous said...

Dangnabitt I would have loved to have been privy to the drunken texts! I LOVE getting those...makes for great memories and possible blackmail! lol

Happy New Year Robin!


Anonymous said...

Love it - "Man funk!"

(put a pinto bean in a wet paper towel. I promise you will have a bloom)

I think that was a 3rd grade science project. I did it with my kids. Never actually planted it.

The Frizzy Hooker said...

I kinda did that once. I soaked some beans but didn't dry them. I had a POT full of sprouts. No bean soup...

Mary said...

I was always able to get my Christmas Cacti to bloom. They need to be root bound (too much root and not enough room). My problem with growing indoors are the cats....they eat everything green.

Anonymous said...

If you title your posts "Lesbian threesomes" or "Transexuals confront secret lovers," you'll drive loads of traffic to your blog. New readers might be a little bummed when the content doesn't live up to their pervy hopes, but a click is a click. ;O)

The Frizzy Hooker said...

Wow everyone.Thanks for the advice. I repotted the cacti - that must be the problem. And as for the unexpected clicks. BAhahahahahahha

Anonymous said...

Love fresh herbs. Have a wonderful year Robin and may your cactus become an everbloomer.

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