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Entry for October 09, 2007

Monday, October 8, 2007

Gray Hair Changes Everything

When I found my first gray hair, I cried. I think that I might have fallen as well. I was really upset.

That was six years ago. Since then I have grown quite a collection of gray hairs. So many that my little sister takes great delight in announcing that I have gray hair each time she visits from Georgia.

So many, I guess that my mother asked me if I wanted her to pluck them. Of course, I told her now. But today, one of my workers asked me if I wanted him to pluck them out.

What gives? Is this some sort of Old Wives Tale? People should pluck your stray hairs for you? Someone tell me something.

I have embraced my gray hairs. Just as I embraced turning 35 and being single. Just as I embrace owning an older home with older home problems. And embrace l the suspicion that my neighbors still have me on “Gay Watch.” I really need more straight male friends to visit…..

I am getting old. So old that I mentally check my tv schedule, that is - whether or not I DVRd an upcoming show, before I commit to meetings.

Okay, I might not be that bad but I might just be….

I conduct what I call “ Suck-dar Watch.” This means that a show that is in my DVR schedule is on special watch for bad writing/acting and wasting precious memory in the
DVR. I schedule shows into the DVR and if they suck- I remove them. I removed
Flash Gordon after the horrible Ascension:Hawk Men episode. I still shudder to think of it.

Painkiller Jane sucked. The tagline should have been “How Many Ways Can We Kill Jane While Wearing a White Tee.”

This summer, I began the Suck-dar Watch on Monk after the Mr Monk and the Bad Girlfriend episode. I eventually removed the show from the DVR. This season sucked.

Currently on Suck-dar Watch are the following shows

Stargate: Atlantis

Reaper – I give all new show four episodes.

Caveman – has 15 more minutes to prove interesting.

CSI: Crime Scene Investiagation – I removed this one at the end of the 2005 season. Io took a year off of watching it as punishment for the Sara and Gil romance. Yuck! I am giving it the standard 4 Suck-Dar watch episodes.

Criminal Minds – it actually really sucks. I watched it for Mandy Patakin. Looks like that it gonna suck more now especially since Shemar will not take his shirt off.

Life – so far so good. It might last

Ugly Betty – Just not sure about it. Is it really worth an hour in my DVR lineup?

Medium – the season hasn’t started for this one but it is on Suckdar watch because of last year’s season finale.

Family Guy – too much Stewie…..

Pushing Daisies - looks good!

Numb3rs – was beginning to suck last year.

Kitchen Nightmares – thought it would be more like the BBC show. I am not sure that I want to hear about feelings, communication issues and conflicts. I just want to see the kitchen get its act together.

Shows I removed last season

CSI: Miami – that much tragedy can not simply happen to one Horatio. His whole family is cursed even people he or his family members marry. His life sucked. And what are the odds a good Samaritan agreeing to pay millions of dollars for a justifiable beatdown of a potential wife-beater, latter being getting shot in the head and returning to work. Me thinks that he should find a new job. Bad Karma in Miami.

Gray hair is how Nature reminds us that we are going to die. I read that somewhere. Can’t remember where. With each gray hair, I don’t want to watch dumb TV shows.


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