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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sometimes when I am taking the 75 yard walk to the Ladies restroom, I find that my mind starts thinking as if I am writing a Blog. It is beginning to bother me that my internal speak is blogspeak. It is as if I am talking to myself in such as way as to invite others to comment. What has become even more disconcerting is that sometimes I find myself talking aloud.

One day, I am going to freak someone out in the restroom.

Actually, I have been verbalizing my inner thoughts more and more lately. I want it to stop.

I guess that I should blog more and then the internal speeches will stop.

It is hard to sit in front of the computer screen and just type. I get distracted by the Internet radio stream. I want to look up the artist. Or I hear the chime of a secure page timing out and I need to check on whatever I was doing. I might be thirsty and I have to get a glass of water. There are any number of distractions that keep me from writing a blog more often.

Right now, I can look around my desk and see any number of unfinished items that need my attention.

So, I will follow the pattern of other bloggers and just write my random thoughts.

Writing of my office, I hate it. It is gray, modular walls with one window that stops about four feet from the ground. I can only see people that are obviously taller than four feet when they walk by. I have to keep my door open or people will peer through the window. That is creepy. There are no windows to the outside. Just more modular walls.

Update on my online course. The instructor for my online class appeared finally. Get this, she is at her cottage on the lake where a power surge fried her computer. She logs into the course from the library at her leisure. I am mad at her. I wish I had a cottage on the lake where I could be paid to teach an online course with a syllabus that follows 2006 dates and content that is utterly confusing.

I am still hearing things.....

I was visiting some sites to learn tips on writing a good profile.


Yes, yes I know that I have a lot of programs running.

All of a sudden, my computer tells me to "type in the text box to hear me talk."

I freaked out! I looked around. I look behind the wall to see if a short person was there throwing her voice. Nothing. I called my co-worker to my office to ask for assistance.

By the time she got to my office I scrolled down the page to find


Just so we are clear: Online ads should not be verbally interactive.

But I was finally able to explain the strange events of last week..... After my heart slowed down. I got back the task of drafting a new profile description.

I have become obsessed with the writing of a good profile description. I have read some really good blogger profiles. People are very interesting. I am very interesting but I can not figure out how to commit my personality to an online profile. The instructor for my online course has a profile that makes her seem very competent........

I have seen profiles that have been just a series of answered questions to prompts like "My favorite book is....." I don't know if I want to do that. I want to describe myself to the reader but I don't want to open myself up to the world. Or do I? I am going to just list some words and let you put them together.

So here goes
I am......
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