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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I can't express myself with just one simple page
There is a reason that I have not posted.

I have been given signs. Many of them in fact. Some lessons that I refuse to learn.

First, I need to do things myself and stop hiring handy-man or professional. They all lie or mislead. At least, if I hire someone, I need to learn how to check their work. Just click on "contractors" in my tag cloud and you will see.

It started two months ago. I noticed water damage to the ceiling of my craft room/office. I called the handy man. He has disappeared . It happened again. They always disappear. This guy has been missing for weeks before the leak. I patiently waited . On a cool day I went into the attic to investigate. You didn't think that I would go up there when it was blazing hot just because it was leaking did you? Silly reader.

This is what I found. The roof vent for the bathroom exhaust fan did not have a closing flap to keep the water from wrecking my ceiling . AND the screws used to anchor it to the ceiling were incorrect. The vent tube had been attached with duct tape and had come loose. I would have discovered the water problems earlier if it had been falling on my head when I brushed my teeth. Instead it get water stains on the ceiling of the bedroom next door after weeks of it leaky.

This is what it should have looked like. What I had going on in my attic was a hot funky mess.

When I had it repaired Monday, the contractor had me inspect everything and check that the flap worked to keep the water out. Maybe now, I have learned my lesson.

On Sunday the toilet started leaking. Isn't that funny? As if it knew that I had hired someone to fix the roof cap. It would have leaked for an entire day if there had not been a hole in the bathroom floor where the water flowed to drop onto the kitchen floor. I had been mopping the kitchen floor all morning and I was beginning to think the cats were peeing on the floor. See, I discovered the leak when the water landed on my head. I had to replace the entire bowl kit and have the floor sealed.

This is a great website for you do-it-yourselfer I could have done it myself without the contractor.

Well, back to the original reason for hiring the new contractor. Yes, the moist basement.... When he came to assess the problem he determined that I first needed to build up the foundation.

Second lesson - get a better understanding of volume

So, I called the county recycling division and had 4 cu yd of topsoil dumped onto my driveway. Note: Always call the city or county before calling a professional company when you need landscaping materials. I got the mulch for the city forestry department.

I should have remembered that I have no real understanding of what a cubic yard looks like. First the mulch and now the topsoil. Had I reviewed that blog entry, I would not have ordered so much topsoil.

After he finished applying the topsoil around the foundation of my house, there was (of course) a lot left over. I was very concerned. The next day was Halloween and there are many options that children/pranksters have on that day. They could see the huge pile of dirt as an invitation to play. They could be frightened by the huge pile of dirt or think that it is a part of some stage Halloween show. The parents would avoid a house with a huge pile of dirt. Well wouldn't you? I thought about putting a sign on the topsoil. Then abandoned it. I was beginning to think that the Heavens were telling me not to hand out candy this year.

Third lesson - Plan well.

I am trying to go out of town tomorrow. I have had to get all of these repairs completed, pack, detail my car, get the car fixed, do homework and pay bills before I leave.

In preparation, yesterday during lunch I took my car in for repairs. I learned that my warranty expired last year and the notices probably went to my mother's house. I was looking at $300 for wear and tear repairs. And many more....So, what did I do?

I bought a new car. So much for getting the old one detailed.

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