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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The strangest thing happened to me today.

I was reading some articles on-line and I began to hear a car vooming. I figured that there was some kind of car chase on Law & Order so I looked at the TV. It was an office scene. No car chase. I saw Dective Rey talking to Briscoe, looking great in their suits.

A few minutes later, I heard what sounded like birds chirping. I became worried that I had left windows open. So, I checked all the upstairs windows since it is about 60 degrees or so. Big difference since Monday, when I slept with the fan on.

Even though, it seemed highly unlikely that I would have heard car sounds from the street in the back room or birds chirping at 2 pm in October. I was befuddled.

Both of the sounds were coming from my left side. I kept turning to my left to see if there was a radio or some ghost. I saw my speaker. Then I began to hear music. I couldn’t make out the words that the singer was saying. A four second track played over and over again.

I was relieved that I was not hearing things but I was freaked out. I checked all of the open websites and could not find the source of the diverse sounds. I checked my control panel for programs running. Nothing.

I disconnected the Internet and took a nap.

Either my computer is trying to communicate with me, I have somehow downloaded someone’s idea of a practical joke or I am nuts.

Has anything that weird ever happened to you?


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