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Purse Autopsy

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I haven’t posted in a few days because I started an on-line class and I installed Sims2 Pets. Having the Pets expansion is kinda ironic. My cats are driving me nuts with the cat hair, the hair balls, the cat-up, the cat temperament. All of a sudden my Kitty has become affectionate. Out of no where she wants to burst in on me in the bath. Wants to stand guard while I shower, even sit on my lap when I am on the commode. I have to lock her out.

I have found the on-line class to be utterly confusing. It is as if the instructor took a course that she taught five years ago and transported it to the Internet using the same resources. The other courses that I have taken on-line have been driven by discussions, supplemental reading sources and projects that were dynamic, contemporary and interesting. In this course we are using a 20 year old text, being asked to view movies that are at least 7 years old and comment on historical figures. Booo.

I do log-in in each night but the instructor has disappeared. I understand allowing the class to learn from each other but she has really not posted anything since day three of the course. We are in week four. I feel abandoned. Not too mention the syllabus -that is a hodgepodge of last year’s 16 week syllabus and a modified 10 week syllabus. She didn’t bother to check her dates. I want to drop the class on principle. It is a course designed to explore the concept of leadership. Maybe this is her teaching style. The instructor will appear when the student is ready.

Almost forgot to mention that I have finally started working out at the schools rec center. Yeah me. I had been waking up bright eyed at 5:33 am for two weeks. I decided that I should just get up and go to the gym. (Sadly, now i am waking up bright eyed at 5 am.)

With the new work-out goal, I have been getting to bed on time which means that I haven’t been playing much of my new Sims2 game. I can play for hours. I have been trying to stay away from the computer except to do classwork.

And that is why I haven’t read email or visited blogs.

I will try to catch up this week.

In the meantime, I stole this idea from another blog. Bad Amy Knits I heard about her from the gals at the yarn store .

This is my purse. It is one of my favorites for now. It has brass feet and a matching key fob. I like the way that it opens and how much I can cram into it. I like the sounds it makes.


As you can see I like to keep the contents of my purse in smaller pouches. I like red pouches because they are easier to find and I usually get red things for free. You can see my wallet. My makeup- aspirin- allergy kit. There is one of my ongoing knitting projects. Do you see the sexy animal print interior?


This is everything.

IMAGE_00065That is not a cigarette case. I keep business cards in it. As you can see, I get my little red pouches from attending conferences. One of my lip glosses must have fallen out of the makeup-allergy-aspirin kit bag. I keep all of my credit cards in their own special pouch so that they can be easily removed. Since I suffer from so many allergies, I keep a tissue pouch. It protects the tissues from the stuff that gets lost in my purse. I keep stamps in the tissue pouch.

In an autopsy, the medical examiner just doesn't open up the body and pull things out of it. She opens up the organs, too.


A close up view of the first 6 inches of a 48 inch project. The directions say that I should create a rectangle from the bias. That means begin with a triangle until the right edge is the correct length. It took some imagination. Remember I was a Sociology major not an engineer. I keep the balls in small plastic bags to keep the two yarns from tangling. It will be a cape when it is done. Follow the link to see the designer's example

Great Escape Cape I am using a red kid mohair and EROS 3250


These items fell out of my makeup-allergy-aspirin kit. You can see the stamps. The Aleve. The lip gloss. The loratadine pills and the pataday drops (that don't last an entire day at all).


The tissue pouch that will serve as a wallet when I am downsizing. And the credit card wallet. I keep my JC Penney salon punch card in there and all of my gift cards. IMAGE_00067

So there it is my purse autopsy. Today was a clean day. I just changed purses this morning.


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