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Scarves, Moles and Suspenders

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I have finally accepted that the winter scarves I am making will not be completed prior to 2010.
I don't call it cripplemecrochet for nothing.
My father's step-daughters have five kids between them. I wanted to make matching scarves for the girls and their mother in pink, green and lavender. I finally decided to frog the skirt that I had started in order to use the yarn to make scarves for the two boys. The marble yarn will be perfect for the boys and the mom.
I usually avoid scarves. I thought they were incredibly boring.
To make these interesting I consulted my ancient crochet pattern tome.

Everyone should have a stitch pattern book.

After these gifts, I will be taking a year off for hooking unless I am at the ministry. Since the ministry only meets once a week for a few hours, I should be fine.

I think I will work on working out during my break. This should be fun.

I only became out of control with the fiber arts a few years ago when I discovered the local yarn store and Ebay. I think it should not be hard to revert back...

Well it is holiday time
I spent time with my mom and dad on Sunday. Dad's beard is almost all gray now. It is fun to watch it turn. I have always loved his beard.
When I saw my mother I informed her that I found my first moles. I remember a few years back, she began breeding moles on her face during her menapause. She was able to have them burned off at a nail salon in Texas. I have baby ones on my eyelid.
It frightens me two-fold. Is the change coming? And WTF MOLES!!!

I asked her what do I do about them. She ignored me. I was serious. She rolled her eyes.
I guess, dealing with the moles are my own problem.

You would think that she would offer some kind of advice. I am her daughter.
Perhaps, yelling at her from across the table "I have old-lady moles on my eyelids. How do I get rid of them?" was the problem. or maybe it was when I said, "I don't want to walk around with chocolate chips all over my face"
She probably took offense.

I stopped being annoyed with her long enough to observe my step-father's latest fashion. Even though he is well into his sixties, my step-dad likes to prove how hip he is by wearing the most fashionable slacks with his traditional oxfords. Sometimes, he will mix it up by wearing jeans or a leisure suit. I cannot imagine where he is finding these clothes. Unless, he frequents those neighborhood shops. It is not unusual to see him wearing urban wear jeans that sag just a little matched with an old man sweater. On this day, he wore a South Pole leisure suit AKA outerwear. I just shook my head until he removed his jacket and I noticed that he was wearing suspenders.


If I have to live with moles I want him to stop wearing those suspenders
OMG these look like his outfit sans black suspenders


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